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Commissioned Works of Art
Working on commissioned works of art is a complex, rewarding and challenging creative adventure. The complexity, problem solving, interdisciplinary requirements and most of all the collaboration involved to successfully execute this type of project is really a blast. There are a series of phases to work thru when creating original commissions. The client has a general idea or an inspiration about what they would like to achieve. I say generally because there can be a range of ideas or concepts that at one end is well defined and budgeted and the other end undefined with no set budget. Most creative people like options and flexibility, I know I do, but this can actually be a problem. No matter what, there will almost always be a bottom line budget. It takes a lot of design time to explore different options and their associated creative and technical issues. So it s nice when the budget issues can be defined early creating the boundaries within which the creative team can work. It then becomes a matter of matching ideas, against implementation costs along with the different design sketches that ultimately lead to an approved design direction.

Once the budget and design direction are established, a series of more detailed sketches are created to flush out different ways to execute the concept. The sketches can include quick pencil drawings or full scale 3D CAD drawings. When the final design is completed, the engineering work is accomplished with 3D CAD. These drawings are used for scale, placement, and all attachment requirements. The drawings also become the blueprints for fabrication and various stages of approvals. Along the way colors, finishes, mounting systems, transportation requirements, scheduling and installation logistics are worked out, at least on paper. In any of the larger projects everyone can count on challenging issues emerging that require creative resolution. Materials are ordered based on calculations from the drawings and fabrication begins. There may be a series of processes required to prepare components for assembly, and some assembly may need to be done on-site. The fabrication that can be done in the studio/shop is completed and the appropriate finish is applied.

The work is then packed and transported to the site for installation. Once on-site, the work is assembled, if required, and mounted/hung as specified. Usually the goal of the larger scale commission work is to achieve a synergy between all the elements within a given space to create an enriching and compelling visitor experience.

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