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Fusion Studios :: Lighting

Lighting instruments that incorporate fused glass components are a natural fit. The variety of colors of art glass and the varying degrees of vibrancy that can be achieved through color selection create endless opportunities for creation of lights and lighting fixtures. Table lamps, pendants, chandeliers and wall sconces are all opportunities for glass art lighting.

Some of the important issues encountered during the design and development of art glass lighting center around the purpose of the light fixture. Often the fixtures are intended to provide general illumination for a given space. Other times the lighting is intended to be more aesthetic and of course there are variations and combinations in-between. I also consider how the glass interacts with the light from the fixture during the design phase.

In most cases the glass will be lit from behind. The distance from the light source to the glass, and the type of glass used work together to reduce or accentuate the effect of hot spotting. Locate the light source close to translucent glass and you will get a hot spot. If opalescent glass is used the glass acts as a diffusing element and reduces the hot spot. So the selection of the type of art glass used within the design can help control the overall appearance and impact of the fixture when illuminated.

Another design option is to project light onto an art glass component causing the glass to cast colored shadows or reflections. This approach can yield really dramatic effects that accentuate architectural features or add drama to walls and ceilings. With the advances in LED lighting and other high tech light sources the possibilities for unique art glass lighting fixtures is extensive. It s always great to work with people who are open to some experimentation, the results can be striking.
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