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Creating Art Glass Wall Sculpture

Creating wall sculpture, art for the wall, wall décor or whatever people want to call it, is great fun and challenging. The pieces I create are generally multi-media sculptures that integrate art glass and metal. I also work with other materials such as wood, Plexiglas, fabrics, lighting components and LCD's. The designs might start with a sketch or a photo, or I might just start by playing around. Play being the operative word here. Play with shapes, colors and lines based on some design direction, theme or idea.

After I have created something I like from a design perspective, I then get into the technical aspects of building the sculpture, putting the piece together and how to safely hang it on the wall. Sometimes all this can be worked out on the fly, and other times more sophistication is required. That's when I fire up the computer and dive into an appropriate design tool, such as Photoshop or illustrator. The more complicated structures require 3D CAD.

Creating the components in glass requires precise cutting and assembling of the materials and preparing them for firing in the kiln. A computer program is created that controls the amount of heat applied to the art glass over given periods of time. Too much heat applied too soon will cause the glass to break (they call it thermal shock). Cooling too fast can also cause the glass to break. As the glass gets thicker, the temperature control becomes more critical. Next the metal components need to be formed and fitted, then welded together. The selected finish is applied and the metal components are completed. The glass may require cold working after firing to finish it off. Then the work is assembled, photos are taken and the piece is ready for presentation. A majority of the wall sculptures are specifically made to be hung easily with typical picture hanging clips. They are similar to the mirrors, and are also designed to rest three-quarters of an inch off the wall to allow light shadows and reflections to interact and play on the wall s surface enhancing the dimensionality of the piece.

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